My winning daily routine – What makes me glow?

My winning daily routine – What makes me glow?

My winning daily routine – What makes me glow?

Have you ever wondered why some days you are radiant and glowing and other days the grey clouds have moved in?

I have found a ‘morning ritual’ or daily routine sets me on the right path for the day. I always start my day with a glass of hot water and lemon.

In addition to this, I take 15 minutes to journal and 15 minutes meditate. This is my time before the house has woken so I can prepare for the day. I sit in the same spot each day and welcome the day and note down three things I am grateful for that day.

I take the time to style my hair, add some colour, such as lipstick, bronzer, slip on a beautiful dress or cashmere cardigan.

Creating my morning ritual has become my secret weapon and definitely brings on my natural glow.

The world seems to respond to me more positively. I find that I glide through the day with the world smiling at me and responding with kindness.

Managing my ‘to do list’ seems easier following this daily routine, and I am astounded at how much I achieve in the day. I find that this ‘glow’ thing is contagious and when I encounter others they too seem to radiate warmth and positive energy.

My winning daily routine – What makes me glow?

Glow stories

I know that we could all do with an extra dose of the glow. Let me know what makes you glow?

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