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uGlow, an intelligent way to tan

uGlow ageless tanning water, hydrates your skin, developing your natural glow in 6 to 8 hours.

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uGlow self tanning water

Fuss free - say goodbye to messy, tangerine self tanning.

Quick to apply - Simply spritz onto your skin, for best results gently blend using uGlow Application Mitt and Brush.

No downtime - No need to wait for the product, you spritz and get on with makeup application, dress and skip out into your day.

Multi-tasking - as your natural glow is enhanced, you will discover skin feeling moisturized and plumped thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and Clear Water Technology (CWT).

Ageless - uGlow is designed for all and thanks to being odour free, it’s your secret and mine.

  • think another way - make it transparent

    uGlow is a clear tanning water enhancing your skin’s own natural tone.

    Intelligent tanning - say goodbye to stains and sprays with clear water technology.

    Clear water technology (CWT) - uses ingredients recognised by the skin which gives that unique Glow.

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  • the sciencey bit ...

    No colour guide barrier to tanning only skin to skin.

    The skin is lipophilic and hydrophobic locking in Transepidermal Water (TEW). 

    Hydrolipidic allows some water to enter the skin which plumps the skin. We have included Hyaluronic Acid (H.A). enhancing hydration and plumpness leaving skin more youthful in appearance. 

    CWT is designed to remain on the surface of the skin to activate Stratum Corneum skin cells.

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  • did you know?

    Oxidation with product activates the tanning process.

    Hyaluronic Acid will plump, intensely hydrate the skin and counteract drying effects of self tanning.

    We only use natural DHA which is vegan friendly.

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get set uGlow

Fast skin colouration

Waterproof coloration in a few hours

Natural look compared to other tanning solutions

Colour intensity enhanced by applications

how to uGlow

girl shower

get prepped

Skin is clean, and free from any moisturising products, deodorants, makeup, or perfume. Moisturise on dry, cracked areas to avoid over development of tan.

lady spray legs

get set

Hold the uGlow bottle at arms length and use a sweeping action while spritzing. Ensuring even spritz over the area.
Finishing touch: Using uGlow Application Mitt and Brush gently blend.

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Step into your day, with uGlow confidence.

Go on, slip on that dress or skirt, now you can with uGlow.

  • “Such a good fake tan! Would absolutely recommend it! So easy to apply and gives a really nice glow.”

    Jessica Maine

  • “I have just had a uGlow tan, the first spray tan I have ever had and I have to say it puts a smile on my face! No horrid smell and left my skin feeling soft.”

    Sarah, Manchester

  • “I am 65 years old and have very fair skin. I have not used self tan before but my beautician recommended uGlow. I used it on my wedding day and got my glow on thanks to uGlow.”

    Nicole, Leeds

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