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3 Top Tips for Fake Tanning Your Face

March 23, 2022

If you are fond of fake tan, which we are, you may run into issues when fake tanning your face. It can be a tricky part of the body to tan but if you skip it then your face will be a different colour to your body!  

A well applied facial tan can give you a foundation-like glow from the moment you wake up, no more need for makeup every morning so enjoy that extra 10 minutes in bed! 

Often when people are unable to tan their face well, it is usually due to a lack of knowledge about HOW to tan their face. A beautifully glowy face is the cherry on top of your entire fake tan, don’t you agree? 

Here at uGlow, we want to ensure everyone knows how to apply our tanning water properly so we have 3 top tips for fake tanning your face including information about preparation and more! 

1. Preparation 

Yes, preparing your face for fake tan is just as important as preparing your body.  

If you have a favourite routine that works for your skin then continue this onto your face, if not then we would recommend exfoliating your face the day before application to get rid of any pesky dead skin cells. You should then moisturise your skin to ensure your skin doesn’t feel dry. 

Oil can prevent fake tan from developing properly, so you should avoid using any oil-based skincare products 24 hours before you intend to tan. 

On the day of tanning, you should cleanse your skin to get rid of any dirt or oil as well as any makeup residue. A quick splash of cold water afterwards can close your pores and tighten your skin for the perfect base! 

2. Application 

If you have age spots or areas of high pigmentation on your face, you may wish to apply a dab of moisturiser on them. This will prevent these areas from looking darker than the rest of your face once the tan is applied. 

To ensure a perfect application of uGlow Tanning Water, we would recommend using our brush for your face.  Lightly mist uGlow tanning water onto your face and neck then gently blend with the brush on the face taking special care on the delicate areas like around the eyes, into the hairline and around the ears.  

You only need to apply a small amount of tanning water to your face! It is easier to add more after than try to take it away if you turn out too dark. 

Once you have applied your spray tan you can use your brush to sculpt your cheekbones using the tanning water. After your initial face tan application, spritz another spray of the tanning water onto your tanning brush, and sweep up cheekbones and into the hairline to achieve a lifted and sculpted look. 

3. Removal 

As you may expect, your skin on your face replenishes more quickly than the rest of the body which means you should expect your facial tan to fade quicker. This inevitably means that your body and facial tans will no long match up at some point.  

When this occurs, you should remove your facial tan and reapply the fake tan. 

Our favourite way to remove any lasting tan is to simply exfoliate! Use an exfoliant and an exfoliating sponge or mitt for optimum effect! Be careful not to make your skin red and raw, that’s not a good look on anyone. 

If you want to go homemade then you can even make your own sugar scrub to use for your face and your body, perfect for removing tan and prepping for your next one, check out the instructions below. 

All you need to do to create a simple sugar scrub is mix granulated sugar with a couple of drops of water (or coconut oil for a moisturising scrub) to create a paste. This paste can be used on its own or you can add your essential oil of choice, we recommend lavender, to increase that pampering feeling! 


Have you learnt something new today? Hopefully these tips will make your fake tanning go smoothly and ensure your glowy face stays in tip top shape all year round. 

We even have our own tanning water for you to try out, it is ideal for perfect our tanning tips and has many benefits including a minimal odour, clear application and dry to the touch in 60 seconds! 

Our tanning water comes in TWO sizes and we even have tanning water for men! Don’t forget to check out our tanning mitt and brush too to make your tanning experience 100% easier. 


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