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Self-tan Application Mitt


Make sure you have the best mitt for applying your flawless uGlow Tan.

Our mitt has been rigorously tested by us, we love self-tan and know a long-lasting durable mitt is important to help us all apply U Glow Tan.

This is the Queen of Mitts! With this mitt your tan will be streak free and flawless. We take our testing seriously and this is the one we use ourselves.

Make sure you have the best mitt and brush for applying your flawless uGlow Tan.


Lightly mist uGlow Tanning water over the area of your body you wish to tan. Blend gently with this mitt, ensuring you cover all areas.

The mitt can be machine washed.

To ensure perfect application of uGlow Tanning Water, use the brush for hands, face and feet.  Lightly mist uGlow tanning water onto the skin and gently blend with the brush on the backs of the hands and inbetween the fingers, use the brush on the face for the delicate areas, around the eyes, into the hairline and around the ears.   The brush also works well for the tops of the feet and around the toes.


Price is for one mitt with P&P added at checkout.

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