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Striving for the ultimate uGlow - concept to shelf

May 5, 2021

At uGlow we are driven to bring our customers the ultimate self-tanning experience.

Launching our first clear water self-tan in 2020 was a brave step. Here at uGlow we are industry innovators rather than industry followers.

The uGlow tanning water was an industry game-changer. We continue to strive to bring our professional clients and customers products that will leave them the ultimate glow.

Application and removal of self-tan is, of course, a major part of successful self-tan. Educating our customers on the importance of moisturising and focusing on those dry patches prevents the self-tan from developing more intensely in those areas.

Developing a moisturising cream that worked in synergistically with uGlow Tanning water was our next step in bringing our customers the ultimate glow. I worked with our cosmetic formulations to ensure that the moisturising cream was formulated to provide hydration to the skin and to nourish areas of skin that were dry and possibly where the skin was rougher such as elbows and heels.

The challenge was always to have moisturising cream work with uGlow tanning water in offering the perfect level of hydration to the skin and thus leaving the skin ready to receive the benefits of uGlow self-tanning water. Not only was it important to create the perfect formulation, but there was also much to consider in the application and dispensing of the moisturising cream along with affordability. Less is more and only a peas sized amount is required when applying it to an area of the body.

After many hours in the lab finding the ideal formulation, we are super proud to add to the uGlow collection  

*We are offering a 10% discount on this product when you make your first purchase of uGlow tanning water for the month of May 2021
* Use the discount code at checkout     Moist01

- On one purchase per customer
- Valid to and from dates


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