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500ml Tan Solution Overnight


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uGlow ageless tanning water has been designed with the busy salon and time poor client in mind.


  • No mess on Salon walls
  • Quick drying
  • Less product needed per tan
  • Attract a new and regular clientele
  • One product suits all skin tones
  • Give your clients skin an instant glow, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and Clear Water Technology


uGlow aim to make sunless tanning effortless, with reduced odour, fast acting & clear application



Say goodbye to messy salon walls - guide colour has little effect on your clients end tan results, it just causes transfer to their clothes and epic cleaning for the treatment room.


No guide colour means no barrier to skin – guide colour is not absorbed by the skin, it sits on the surface reducing the skins ability to absorb the key ingredients that create your natural glow.


With no barrier to the skin, less tan solution is required, approx. 50mls gives an ageless glow.  So more tans from your bottle.


This new and intelligent way of tanning, is attracting new types of clients: Mature Ladies, Men, Fair skinned and Time Poor.


Quick to apply and drying almost instantly allows the client to dress quickly after treatment, reducing appointment time.

uGlow’s natural look means clients don’t have to wait for special occasions, they can wear a sunkissed glow everyday.

Intelligently thinking of every situation for your clients, for those who need to tan and go, we have created our overnight solution, it can be left on all day or overnight – developing a natural glow and with our odour neutralising technology its your clients best kept secret.


Last but by no means least – the key ingredients to uGlow’s intelligent tanning, Hyaluronic Acid and Clear Water Technology (CWT) leaves your clients skin plumped, soft and healthy looking, from the minute its applied.


Are you storing your tan solution in the best way? DHA stays at its optimum when stored in a cool dark place, preferably refrigerated.

Ensures reduced odour and a natural result for your clients.

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