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uGlow formulation

R&D development has been over 10 years with - first formulation 2010.

Revisions of the formulation with new understanding of Skin histology and how Clear Water Technology benefits the tanning result.

Endorsements 2020 - Givaudan endorsement of high quality and uniqueness of formulation.

Award Winning 2022/23 - Four Awards in one year including Best New Beauty Product and Global Best New Beauty Brand

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beauty studio research & development

Professional Spray Tan Expert committed to finding simpler, cleaner, less messy, smelly, and time-consuming solutions for professionals and clients alike.

Discovered that Colour Guide in self-tan is actually an inhibitor in the tanning result.

Clear Water Technology means no need to fear stained clothing or bed linen. For customers wanting to use self-tan at home and for the Professional, uGlow provides an efficient, clean, and less time-consuming way to tan your clients.

louise cooper

uGlow founder - Louise Cooper
professional tanning expert

2002 - A born entrepreneur Louise set up her first business.

2009 - Won Entrepreneur of the year award and created a franchise business model.

2010 - Opened a Training and Beauty Academy and the second one in 2012.

2017 - Re-branded and launched uGlow.

2020 - Second re-branding of uGlow Intelligent Tanning with revised packaging, new website, and marketing collateral.

2021 – Award Winning - Clear water technology transformed the tanning product and provided an efficient, clean and faster way to administer an even tan.

2022/23 - Multi Award Winning including Best New Beauty Brand

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